Urgent Issues advice from South Tyneside Citizens Advice

  • Advice Line: 0344 4994 715
  • Debt Hotline: 07947 899163
  • Energy Advice Hotline: 07949 490785

Excellent attention being given to my problem.

Urgent Issues

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We will make every effort to offer immediate advice and meet any deadlines for the following:-

Urgent Money/Debt issues:

  • Bailiff action

Urgent County Court claim/summons:

  • Council tax arrears
  • Bankruptcy/insolvency proceedings
  • Court Fine payment issues

Urgent Welfare Benefit issues:

  • A benefit decision that you want to appeal against
  • Allegations of benefit fraud
  • Cases where payments have been stopped
Urgent Housing issues:
  • Eviction/Homelessness
  • Notice Seeking Possession
  • Rent/Mortgage arrears
Urgent Immigration issues:
  • A Home Office decision that you want to appeal against
  • NASS problems